CP — Bispinger Heide
Erweiterung Center Parcs Bispinger Heide

client: Cen­ter Parcs, Head­of­fice NL
client: Cen­ter Parcs, Head­of­fice NL
con­struc­tion time: 2008–2009  plan­ning: 2007–2008
ser­vices: Pro­jek­t­s­teuerung, Pla­nung, Auss­chrei­bung, Bauleitung

The exten­tion- and build­ing area for the new cot­tages was locat­ed in the south­east­ern part of the hol­i­day park “Bisp­inger Hei­de”. The size of the area amounts about 9,8 hectare.  For the exe­cu­tion of the project we had to devel­op the for­est area. Beside infra­struc­ture instal­la­tions the area became a new shape by land­scap­ing. Sev­er­al ponds were scooped which are con­nect­ed by a closed water­course. In total 58 new cot­tages were built with an expanse of 5.500 m². The cot­tages were put into rows up to 7 cot­tages per row. The rows had to be adapt­ed to the topog­ra­phy and the arrange­ment of the cot­tages was char­ac­ter­ized by sev­er­al height off­sets. All cot­tages were built as a tim­ber construction.